At The Herwood Inn there is a space for everyone

The Herwood Inn can customize and plan any event taking the hassle out of your Woodstock getaway. We offer local catering options, a variety of locally crafted beverage and alcohol selections, as well as unique and hand selected decorations that can be customized for every occasion. Each event is priced individually, because no gathering is the same. We are proud to partner with companies and local businesses who are creating positive change.

Available Spaces to Reserve at The Herwood Inn

The Herwood Inn - event buyout

The Commune

The Shed

The Garden

Peak Schedule

In the event your event spans across peak / off-peak times, off-peak rates apply.

Peak Seasons
May 1 – January 1

Off-peak Seasons
January 2 - April 30

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Requested Date (to depart)
Spaces are available between the hours of 8 AM - 9 PM. All events must end prior to 10 PM. Hourly spaces available up to 8 hours.
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