Click on the following links to learn more about the products we use and for instruction manuals for our in room accessories.


Wifi is The Herwood Inn Guest Access and the password is unwind00

Keurig Coffee K-Cups are complimentary and are located in the large Ball Jar next to the Keurig on the breakfast bar. There are a variety of flavors. To use the Keurig make sure to fill the clear water tank with water between the min/max level on the side of the machine. For a full instruction manual click HERE..

.There is chilled water located in the glass carafe in the mini fridge.

There is also a French Press on the coffee tray & a selection of complimentary tea from Harney + Sons. There is a yellow teapot under the sink for boiling water or you may use the Keurig to heat up water if you fill the machine with water and then do not put a K-cup in it.

There are two wooden jars, one is filled with Sugar in the Raw & the other is filled with organic white sugar for you to use for coffee, tea or cooking.

There is salt & pepper, & local honey from Mira’s Naturals for you to use.

There are 100% recycled paper towels from Eversping.

There is a toaster oven located in the cabinet under the sink. HERE is an instruction manual.

There is a hot plate electric stovetop located in the cabinet under the sink. You can use the green hanging pots to cook on this. HERE is an instruction manual.

Feel free to load and run the dishwasher during your stay or before you leave. There are dishwashing tablets located in the drawer under the dishwasher. HERE is a quick start guide for the dishwasher. Make sure to place the dishwashing tablet in the small grey basket sitting on top of the utensil basket.