Click on the following links to learn more about the products we use and for instruction manuals for our in room accessories.


Wifi is The Herwood Inn Guest Access and the password in unwind00

Feel free to write any notes on the Kraft Paper roll located to the left of the door when you first walk in. To rip off the paper just pull to the right and up.

There are two remotes for the TV. The Samsung Remote turns the TV on + off and the Spectrum cable remote turns on the cable. Make sure the TV is on HDMI 1 if you are trying to watch cable. You may also use any of the smart features of the TV and log into your personal accounts to watch Netflix, etc.

There is a bluetooth POPSKY Record Player & Curated Vinyls located on the back wall by the patio door. You can also connect to bluetooth on your phone, all you have to do is turn the dial on and connect to the bluetooth POPSKY turntable.

All Natural Cork Yoga Mats & Blocks available in the rattan basket by the bathroom. Please use the yoga sanitizing spray in the amber glass spray bottle from local store Woodstock BYO after you are finished using.

There is a Root & Resin Clearing Spray located in the golden arch shelf on the wall by the bathroom. Use this to clear the space & make it your own for your stay. You can find more Root & Resin products available in our Commune to purchase.

There is a Mira’s Naturals Sanitizing Spray located in the golden arch shelf on the wall by the bathroom that you may also use. You can find more of Mira’s Naturals Products available in the Commune to purchase.

Check out our curated collection of games and books. Many were purchased from The Golden Notebook down on Tinker Street.

Enjoy our curated selection of crystals specific to Joni Mitchell’s zodiac, personality and birthstone. The Crystal sets for each of the artsist’ were curated by Marie McCabe at @thegratefulgemhead.